Sharing Space

I was motivated to do some arranging in the baby’s nursery.  There is a closet full of his somewhat hanging clothes, shoes, hats, diapers and blankets.  For some reason we could never get that tension rod to work properly, so it looks kind of messy.  Well, I’ve had my eye on this large area as a space we could share.  After stacking and unstacking all of my scrapbooking stuff on the dining room table enough times, I was getting kind of frustrated and needed a solution.  The concept of sharing space with Wyatt really blessed me after some more consideration.  I had already done this with the book shelf earlier in the week and now both of our books sit on the shelves.  I was ready to expand the idea.

baby's messy closet

I feel that morning time is the best time for me to do hard tasks like: working out, gardening, making responsible phone calls and anything significant related to the baby. Entering into the nursery doesn’t make me fall to pieces anymore, at least not lately.  But going through Wyatt’s things makes me sad at times and happy at other times.  I just never know.  So, I decided to look at his closet in the morning and make some decisions about how we could share the space.  There is another shelf directly underneath it, so I started to place all his un-hanging clothes on the lower shelf.  And then I did some more.  Then some more.

Healing space
Here is a card I found in the closet from my aunt, written in calligraphy.  So pretty!

Thinking about it,  I could do this because I wasn’t taking his clothes out, I was simply moving them down.  For some reason that slight difference made it okay and also made what I was doing, healing.  There were a couple of things I did to make myself feel good while I was in Wyatt’s room.  1- I opened the door wide and turned on the light so it was bright and inviting, 2- I took my lit Healing candle in there with me and placed it on top of his dresser, right in the center, 3- I drank coffee from one of my favorite old mugs, and 4- I gave myself permission to take as many pictures as I wanted.  The sleeper that reads I love my uncle was a must.  I think I will send that pic to my brother today, telling him I’m thinking of him.  

When I was done, I had more than enough space to set up my scrapbooking items.  My unfinished wedding album lays on top, a box of assorted page trims, pasty glue and shiny stickers fits nicely on the left.  My cup of crazy and straight scissors is right up front.  That silly tension rod is in there, too.  I stood back and looked it over.  It made me smile.

Scrapbooking area

I like sharing space with you, Wyatt.

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